Happy new year! Did you make any resolutions?

While I don’t believe in a magical reset when that calendar flips over, I’m sure I’m not alone hoping that 2021 will be at least a bit less tumultuous than 2020…

I’ve spent the last two weeks in pretty quiet reflection. I personally don’t get into new year resolutions, but I am a fan of a word of the year. For 2021, that word is PURPOSE, along with the motto:

Live, work, grow — in all things, do them with purpose.

This intention focuses on being deliberate, intentional, even a bit more goal-oriented in both my business and personal life.

See, I’ve never been great with goals. It may be the recovering perfectionist in me rejecting a rigid pass/fail framework, but I prefer guideposts and habits.

And my new #1 habit for 2021 is quarterly planning.

Q4 of last year was a good start to this, and finally got my butt in gear producing consistent content — on the blog, here, and on Instagram. The quarter focused on DIY branding, with a few other nuggets slipped in between.

Now I’d like to know what you want more of.

I have quite a few ideas rattling around in my head, but I want to check in with my community — your priorities are important to me. So I’d love if you let me know what would help the most right now.

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