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Hi, I’m Jill!

With a background in graphic design (specifically a BFA from RIT) and a particular fascination with behavioral psychology, I love to see how people interact with the world around them! Combine these two skills and you get user experience and interface (UX/UI) design: optimizing digital technology to create a fluid and intuitive user experience.

I consider myself a left-brained creative — a term I coined to describe a creative skillset layered on a very analytical thought process.

During college, I spent a lot of time involved with the Formula SAE racing team. I was fascinated by the innovations they brought to life, and loved stitching their story together both for community marketing and competition data presentation. I come from a family of engineers, and this connection with mechanical engineering was a perfect fit.

These days I love connecting with tech-based entrepreneurs to bring a product to market. The earlier a team considers their end user, and how that user will interface with the product, the smoother the path to market will be. I’m just as excited to kick around ideas in a brainstorm as I am to dive into the details with a complete Figma prototype.

When I’m not behind a screen or building my own prototypes in the workshop, I’m usually refing a college hockey game or exploring the outdoors (shout out to my Rocky Mountain roots!).


Bringing new tech to market can be an intricate dance — I can help connect with the end users you serve!

Digital UX/UI

Align your tech with user behavior from the very beginning — from planning through design for build.

User Workflows • Wires • Prototypes

Web Design

Reach your audience and show them exactly how and why they’ll fall in love with your product.

WordPress + Divi • Content Writing

Digital Marketing

Align your brand with customers’ values, connecting all the pieces and expanding your reach.

Pitch Decks • Email Marketing • Print

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