Why “GrapeSeed” Designs?

Have you ever tried to eat a grape seed? It’s hard, bitter, and sharp enough to cut your gums.

But if you plant that seed, nurture it, and help it grow, it can become so many beautiful things. Whether that’s the perfect PB&J, an exquisitely aged wine, or the stunning vineyard backdrop for all your favorite memories.

Your business is no different – the beginning is hard and often bitter. But if you plant seeds and nurture them well, your dreams can become more than you imagined.

Nice to meet you!

My name is Jill Knobeloch (said: k-NO-buh-lock), and I’m the face behind GrapeSeed Designs.
Having grown up in Colorado at the foot of Pike’s Peak, I have a deep-rooted love for all things nature and the outdoors. Very young in life, I found a passion for trying to capture and replicate that beauty in a tangible way, beginning with photography and growing to print and editorial design.
After high school, I chased art and ice hockey across the country to Rochester Institute of Technology. There I studied graphic design, foreign languages (German and Russian minors), and laid the groundwork for a referee career that grew all the way to the international stage.
Following a few years in southern CA, I have settled into Chicago and couldn’t be more inspired by the entrepreneurial community here! I enjoy working with a variety of businesses in a range of industries.
Through it all, I have always found my heart-home at the barn working with horses — whether developing my own skills, volunteering at therapy centers, or collaborating with businesses to help them reach their potential.
It is a dream come true to blend a wide range of passions and get a front-row seat helping businesses grow.

How I can help:

Branding Design

Integrating the written and visual language of your brand to speak intuitively to your audience through print and digital design elements.

Web Design + Development

Delivering beautiful websites including graphics, functionality, and copywriting. Also includes user interface design for software and apps, giving your users an easy and intuitive experience.

Marketing Strategy

Crafting a strategy to share and amplify your brand’s voice, bringing the right customers to your website and through the door.

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