About the Artist

I am currently loving life in Chicago, IL, though I grew up in the gorgeous foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I hold a Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology, plus dual minors in German and Russian. I love polishing off a great design that perfectly completes a client’s vision, and I find nothing more fulfilling than getting down and dirty to physically create something beautiful.

I love the little things in life that keep my mind sharp and my heart a little nerdy—I love exploring the world and am constantly looking for the next great adventure.

Some Favorite Things

A perfect autumn day—there’s nothing like a great pair of boots, crisp air on your face, the smell of fallen leaves and all those colors!

Corgi butts (so cute and fluffy!)

Listening to my sister in law’s commentary about my nephews growing up

Sharing the joy of horseback riding (bonus points if it’s a fall day!)

Design Philosophy & Experience

Design as a Language

I have always been intrigued by languages and how people communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. It is said that less than one third of communication consists of the words we use – the rest is physical or tonal. I am particularly fascinated by the completely non-verbal methods we use to communicate, allowing our posture, positioning, and contact (physical and visual) to ‘speak’ for us, broadcasting our intent and expectations to others, whether human or even animal.

This interest carries through into my design work – I believe design is another language; it takes understanding and skill to interpret a project’s needs and translate them in a way that effortlessly translates with purpose to an audience. Good design is the perfect marriage of form and function – it must communicate to your patrons instantly and subtly, drawing them deeper into your world. It catches their attention, then allows them to scan through the highlights easily, yet remain interested and hungry to learn more. This is how sales are converted: attraction, interest, desire.

Your branding is what creates that subtle communication with your audience and establishes the personality of who you are – it’s what sets you apart from the competition. My methods explore who you are now, who you want to become, and how you want to be known by the world. We then work together to ensure that personality is carried through all of your materials to provide a clear, cohesive image. Many pieces, one body, one very clear message that attracts your following and keeps them wanting more.

Your branding starts with a great introduction, continues with an inspiring conversation, and leaves the door open for a lasting relationship.

My Work

I am trained as a Graphic Designer but I prefer to consider myself a professional Creative – there is more to life than sitting at a computer 40 hours a week! Of course I work in the basics (check out my design work), but I also love the tactile, physical stuff.

Graphic Design Beyond making a brand beautiful, I love to know how things tick – whether it’s a person or basic web coding. Analytical understanding gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and I’m always asking “Why”. That’s the left-brain side of me.

The Little Extras When I have free time, I love to build – it’s so satisfying to see something you made standing up in the world. These days it can be anything from matting and framing photos to building extra-large wall frames or hand-binding books.

Industry Verticals

Automotive • Sports & Athletics • Consumer • Food & Beverage • Fashion • Family & Children • Philanthropic/Non-Profit • Professional Services • Personal Services • Pharmaceutical • Technology & Engineering • Financial • Commercial Real Estate

Well-Known Clients

Toyota • Acorda Therapeutics • Pharmacyclics • RETS Associates • Orange Catholic Foundation • Boyscouts of America (Orange County) • Goodwill Orange County • Watson Land Company • KBS Realty Advisors • The Irvine Company • Sabal Financial • StorQuest Self Storage