• Uncluttered: A Journey in Minimalism with Joshua Becker

I have had an incredibly eventful year over the last approximately 12 months, and have slowly been rebuilding my life one piece at a time with deliberation and intent. One of the things I have noticed (truly highlighted by moving house twice in that one year) is how much *stuff* I own.

After my first move, I had tried to pare down my belongings – I felt good about it until I actually moved in. But with the exhaustion of the move, I really just wanted to get settled quickly and simply made (admittedly well-organized) space for everything I had. Some things I let go of, but not nearly enough. With my second move, I found myself emptying closets of things that had remained buried for the full 9 months I was in that apartment – I hadn’t used them and I honestly hadn’t missed most of them. It was time to really work on letting things go.

My brother’s wife has been a great inspiration to me in many ways. One day we were having some kind of conversation about her getting rid of things she didn’t need (she has two boys under 4, and is WAY better than me at purging on a regular basis). I come from a family of “keepers”; we can find the value in most things, whether sentimental or “maybe I’ll need this one day”. It certainly wouldn’t qualify in any way as hoarding, but it really is a packrat method fed by an ability and financial means to stay well organized. Those are the habits I’ve had, but I expressed an interest in being able to do what she does, and be better about purging regularly (we’re talking at least a time or two a year).

As wonderful as she is, she recommended I start following a group on Facebook called becoming minimalist - it was run by a blogger, she told me, who posted great inspiration for minimalism without going to extremes. Just by keeping his thoughts in my mind, she suggested, I would mentally be more comfortable and capable of letting go, and would be more inspired to actually complete those regular purges with enthusiasm and desire.

Well, she was right. I started following his posts, and my mind began to shift. A wonderful coincidence of timing came shortly afterward, too – Joshua was releasing a new book, The More of Less, and to promote pre-sales of the book was offering his 12-week Uncluttered course (normally $89) for free with purchase of the book (it was less than $11 on Amazon). This aligned perfectly with my second move of the year (occurring April 15-May 1 and the course starting May 9), so I signed up without hesitation.

Even prior to the start of the course, there has been access to their course-related Facebook support group, and I’ve found significant inspiration to stay focused with the wonderful posts shared there. I can’t wait to really dive in with the course and begin my journey to owning less (even if I never qualify as a true Minimalist)! I just want to unclutter my environment, and hopefully from there unclutter my world. I’ve decided to share my experience here with the weekly lessons, so feel free to tune and see how this whole experience goes!

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